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It's In Our Genes At Creative World, we believe our respected reputation and high retention with clients and associates stem from our strong values—and our commitment to each of them. Since 2001, our uncompromising values remain:

  Honesty — reflecting personal and business integrity, a sense of honor, respect for commitments and fairness in all contract pursuits and negotiations
Boldness — a willingness to take risks, enthusiasm for new undertakings, questioning of what currently exists, enjoyment of competition and entrepreneurial audacity tempered by experience and wisdom
Trust — designating responsibility to people and teams, shared decision-making, total openness and the free flow of information and ideas within our company
Freedom — fostering independence of mind, judgment and action, the spirit of initiative and creativity, tolerance and respect for others who are different
Team Spirit
— solidarity, loyalty, camaraderie and the willingness to share in our collective success
Modesty — discretion, spontaneity and openness in relationships
Fun — achieving pride in our work while constantly striving for quality