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At Creative World, we are equipped with cutting edge, highly redundant hardware and software systems to handle any kind of requirement. Our array of resources encompasses computing power, varied platforms and high bandwidth connectivity along with all the ancillary systems.
Our hosting infrastructure enables clients to provide a level of service to trading partners that can only be matched by the largest of organizations. With multiple levels of outsourcing available, we have a plan that will fit all your needs. From server co-location to full identity management, Creative World has the knowledge and infrastructure to represent your business.

Redundant Power : Our massive uninterruptible power supply is capable of running our entire facility for an hour. This is further backed up by a large natural gas generator which needs no refilling and is therefore capable of sustaining normal operation indefinitely.

Redundant Internet Connections : Multiple Internet connections from different providers ensure that we maintain connectivity even through the loss of any individual connection.

Robotic Backups : High capacity robotic backup units ensure that all critical data is backed up every night. Offsite storage of these backups ensures that the secondary facility is ready to come online rapidly.