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Macromedia Flash & PowerPoint Presentation
Serving businesses across the country, Creative World Graphics specializes exclusively in Flash and PowerPoint presentation design services. Clients rely on Creative World for corporate presentation services because we consistently deliver superior business presentations quickly and cost-effectively. We distinguish ourselves through our:

Expertise: presentations focus
Scale: big enough to get it done, small enough to get it right
Client base: proven track record
Client focus: always say "YES"
Professionalism: professional presentations and service

Whether you need one custom, high-end PowerPoint presentation or ongoing outsourced presentation design services, Creative World Graphics is your solution.

Business Presentation Services

Our services are tailored to demanding corporate clients' high-pressure; high-stakes presentation services needs:

High-end deliverables
Rapid turnaround
Persistent reliability
Unrivaled responsiveness

Types of Presentations: PowerPoint and Flash

Creative World Graphics offers a range of presentation services. One way to define our services is by what is included in our service portfolio: PowerPoint production, graphic design, editorial, project management. Another way is to describe our deliverables.

The two primary types of presentations we create for clients are PowerPoint presentations and Flash presentations. Clients often ask which is best for their purposes.

Flash Presentation and PowerPoint Presentation Design and Production Process

Our PowerPoint presentation and Flash presentation production process is engineered to quickly and cost-effectively deliver custom, professional presentations that meet your tastes and requirements. Our process can be distinguished by being incremental, iterative, and collaborative. The benefits of our process are:

Minimize the cost of your business presentation
Accelerate the turn of sales presentations
Get a customized flash presentation and other multimedia presentation

PowerPoint design is incremental

We break up all PowerPoint presentation and Flash design projects into little pieces. We don't proceed to the next piece until the previous is complete. We have developed this process with the intent of minimizing yield loss and have maintained it because it does just that. Yield loss is what we call completed work that is not used.

Interative presentation design process

For each presentation component, we work up a draft, solicit feedback, and make changes in response to that feedback. Sometimes, we repeat that process for a given piece of the PowerPoint or Flash presentation. That is iteration. Our iterative presentation design and production process also helps to ensure that the deliverable is consistent with your expectations, tastes, and requirements.

Collaborative presentation services

You will play a vital role in the development of the deliverable. Since you are paying for a custom presentation, you have the right to dictate what that presentation is. Our experience is that client involvement always results in a better Flash or PowerPoint presentation and a more satisfied client. Your involvement starts with a kick-off call with our team and continues throughout the project and is equally critical throughout.